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Considering buying a vacuum cleaner? Well forget about those portables and forget about other central ducted vacuum systems.

Venture into the future and beyond with an Electron Ducted Vacuum System.

Vacuuming will never be the same.

The power unit has a large industrial motor with ample suction power.

Electron-Vac has a model to suit any size home.

Portable vacuum cleaners tend to recirculate dust, and as a result leave a fine dust on furniture but with an Electron-Vac, there's no more dusting your home after it has been vacuumed.

Electron-Vac provides relief to dust/hayfever allergy sufferers as all the dust and smell is removed from inside the house.

There's no heavy equipment to lug, tug, push or pull around the house.

Just insert the hose into the nearest inlet and your vacuum system switches on automatically.
3 to 4 inlets are usually sufficient for the average home.

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