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We are offering you three products for the modern home and at sensible prices!
Think about these before you finish building.

An intercom system that allows close contact with all rooms so you can speak to someone at the front door from all rooms, or monitor a child's room or sick bed.

Another built in system that allows you to vacuum your whole house even your car and garage - without the normal fuss.

Outright security. We install to A.S.A and N.S.W Security Act requirements, the most modern, yet inexpensive burglar alarm system for all homes - a comforting thought when your home alone.

Each of these three systems not only makes life more pleasurable but makes your home more desirable and more valuable should you wish to sell at a later date.

But remember: it is far less expensive to establish these products during the building stage.

We are an Australian company established for over 20 years.

We manufacture and install our own products, thus cutting out the middle man and, so, an ultimate saving to you. Further, these three systems are rated highly enough to be listed among the products recommended in a special booklet on home improvements and decorations supplied at banks such as the Commonwealth, Wespac and NAB and other reputable lending institutions.

Just give us a call and we will give you expert on-site evaluation at a time to suit you.

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