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Improve your family and home SECURITY

We design systems to suit your daily living routines, so they are easy to use, and allow more flexibility in your lifestyle movements.

Example: a normal 3 bedroom, brick veneer, single storey house may have up to 15 perimeter windows and doors. We can protect all of these points with discrete switches and have an internal movement detector to main areas (e.g. lounge room or main passage).

Throughout the day you can select to have total security whilst you are out.

At night time you can select to have perimeter protection only. This allows you to move around the house without triggering the internal movement detector, thus providing a protective shell around your family.

For extra security a "PANIC" switch may be fitted near the front door, kitchen or in the main bedroom. This switch will activate the alarm immediately upon being activated.

Our systems operate from mains electricity (normal 240V power point), and in the event of a power failure, the system will automatically switch over to the standby battery. When the power is restored, it will automatically recharge the battery.

To comply with the noise pollution act, our alarms will sound for 5 minutes only, then they automatically switch back to the "on guard" condition, maintaining protection of your home.

A 12 months written warranty on parts and labour applies to every alarm system installed.

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